Meet the designer

ALESSANDRO VASINI is an Italian luxury fashion designer acclaimed by artists and celebrities worldwide for his chic, rock’n’roll inspired styling.
Known particularly for the sexy yet sophisticated silhouettes, is by many considered the ultimate in men and women’s boots.
Passionate musician since very young, approached fashion in the teenage with the dream to create vintage inspired pieces for the stage performances.
Studying fashion and working as a shoemaker for many years eventually started realizing his own creations and designing small capsule collections which very soon caught the attention of a growing number of private label clients also outside of Italy.
Fashionista, rock musician and passionate traveler, constantly on the road throughout Europe, Asia and the USA, Alessandro showed very soon a great feeling with America and, since 2009, divides his life between Italy and Miami.
As private label designed and developed many collections for American brands and often realized special pieces for celebrities, runways and events.
In 2019 introduced the eponymous brand and in the Fall 2020 presented a collection of boots that was an immediate success bringing the label into a "cult" status for its men's heeled boots. One year later introduced a collection of luxury denim along with hats and leather belts.

Blending the sophisticated luxury of Italian fashion with the Americana spirit, the brand celebrates freedom and adventure. With a desire of uniqueness and great respect for tradition, each piece is timeless, genderless and beyond cool. Sophistication stays within simplicity and the difference is in the details. This is how we stand out from the crowd.